Book-Related New Year’s Resolutions

#1. Resist the temptation to buy a popular new book from Amazon because I just CAN’T WAIT to read it. Come on. How many times have I bought a book off Amazon for X amount, plus shipping, only to see it sitting on the new book shelf at the library just a few weeks later? Be patient. Save $$$.

#2. DON’T READ boring (or awful) books. I am now trying to make it a habit to quit reading a book if I’m not totally into it by page 50. Life is too short to waste time reading crap.

#3. Now that my eyes are older, I have an excuse to read large-print books. I will try to remember to check the large-print section of the new books at the library. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised to find one of those popular books I’m dying to read tucked away in the large-print section.

#4. I will always carry a book with me, even while sitting in the dentist’s chair waiting to be tortured. I never know when I’ll have to kill time in an airport or doctor’s office. It’s great to have a book handy to pass the time pleasantly reading.

#5. Continue to read during commercials. I started this habit earlier this year because commercials are increasingly longer. Sometimes I wonder if I’m watching a series of commercials with the occasional T.V. program interspersed throughout. I can read as many as ten pages during the marathon commercial breaks. If the book is really good, I will often forget what I’m watching on T.V. and continue reading.


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