Chick Lit Revisited

I’ve written about chick lit on this blog before, how I’m losing interest in a genre I once enjoyed. That’s why I’m surprised to find myself reading another chick lit novel. This time it’s Friendship by Emily Gould. I read a review that described it as an interesting take on friendship, and that captured my interest. But, so far, it’s just another chick lit book without much of a plot and with characters who have poor self-esteem and sad love lives. I really shouldn’t write as if I’m above these books, because I wrote a sort of chick lit novel and published it last year. But what’s lacking in Friendship is the sense of humor that makes the genre fun to read.

After years of reading too much chick lit, I’m wanting to expand my reading horizons and sample books from various genres. I have been doing just that the last few years and have discovered some excellent authors: Donna Tartt, Tana French, Celeste Ng, Sarah Waters, Brando Skyhorse, to name a few. But what I will always enjoy about chick lit are the happy endings and the humorous stories. That’s still reason enough to pick one up occasionally and enjoy a fun read.


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