Here is a list of how I select my reading material:

  1. Book reviews.
  2. Friends’ recommendations.
  3. Browsing the shelves at libraries and bookstores.
  4. Websites (such as Goodreads) that rate and review books.

Lately I’ve been struggling with choosing my reads. I experience this every so often. I’ll have a period of time when I’ll read a string of mysteries, chick lit, or some other genre–perhaps the entire works of one specific author who is new to me. Then I’ll be at a standstill. What do I read next? That’s when I have to do some research. I pay more strict attention to what my friends are reviewing on Goodreads or visit other websites (such as for recommendations. Then I make a list of titles, and the next time I visit the library, I search for those books.

Currently I’m reading The Blue Line by Ingrid Betancourt, a story of political intrigue and lost love. When I finish it, I’ll need to search for some new titles. I can’t be without a book to read. For me, it’s like not having food to eat. I welcome suggestions.


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