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It’s been an interesting week. I was invited to speak to a local women’s group that concentrates on raising funds to provide scholarships for students. I spoke about my transition from librarian to novelist, and what inspired the writing of my two novels. The group was very receptive and made me feel welcome. It was quite a rewarding experience for a speaker and writer. As a side benefit, I sold several books and even depleted my supply of the first novel. Even better, I believe I succeeded in conveying my passion for reading and the importance of libraries.

Another positive experience this week came from the book I’m reading.  A month ago I attended, for the first time, a meeting of a local writers’ group. I decided to become a member of the group after listening to the featured speaker, author Laurie Stevens, who talked about creating plot, conducting research, and publishing. Her presentation was excellent. I purchased her novel The Dark Before Dawn, and started reading it this week. It is set in Los Angeles, I was pleasantly surprised to discover, especially given that I wrote about LA novels in my last blog. I’m enjoying the descriptions of freeway traffic, the Malibu Hills, Pepperdine University, and other locales. It also includes two nonstereotypical Latino characters, another pleasant surprise. Stevens was a self-published author who drew the attention of a publisher who now represents her. Hers is an inspiring story for those self-published authors who perhaps dream of someday hitting it big. Indeed, it would be great!


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