What I read: 2018

My annual review of the books I read in the previous year always turns up at least a couple of surprises for me. Here is the breakdown:

Total # of books read: 39

34 Fiction     5 Non-fiction

2 Young Adult    2 Childrens

22 by female authors and 17 by male authors

6 Mystery, 4 Science Fiction, 2 Romance, 5 Historical Fiction

6 by Asian American authors, 5 by African Americans, 7 by Latino Americans

I’m surprised by how many books on this list are by male authors, but I’m glad to see I’ve broadened my scope. I’m also surprised that I still read some genre fiction. I read many more mysteries and romances when I was younger, but lost some interest in those “formula” books over the years. Though I’ve never had an interest in science fiction, I have started reading more of it after viewing a DVD course on this genre last year. It’s a genre I plan to explore further in 2019. Happy Reading in 2019!



4 thoughts on “What I read: 2018

  1. svenskaborschka

    I typically read to find out information. I love that genre of reading. However, a good compromise between the known facts and enticing story are Biographical Novels and Historical Fiction. Douglas’ “The Robe”, Irving Stone’s “Lust for Life”, “The Agony and Ecstasy”, Boris Pasternak’s “Dr.Zhivago”, Stephen Ambrose’s “Undaunted Courage” all have stirred from within me, reverence, angst, and joy. These are the books that as they say: (Stir one’s Soul). In recent years I was strongly encouraged to read a historical fiction sci fi novel entitled Outlander. I was enthralled and bowled over : primed for the follow up 7 tomes in the completed series. Diana Gabaldon is tackling her 9 th and 10th novels in her romance saga. These books not only stirred my soul, but have caused me to scream, shout at, throw down, and weep piteously over. What a ride! The historical part is still evident and integral to the plot— hence a fine dance with history. What a fab way to learn!

    1. lchavezdoyle Post author

      Oh, yes, Outlander!! I love it! I’ve been reading the series since 1991. It’s a unique combination of history, romance, and science fiction. I agree, historical fiction is an entertaining way to learn.

      1. svenskaborschka

        The initial thing about her writing is her way of painting her “scenes” through detailed descriptions. Plus, I never read her books without a dictionary handy! I’m going to look for your third book, but am intrigued by your first one’s title and synopsis. For many years I worked alongside Latinas who might have fit the same profile. Sweet, smart,
        endearing individuals in every way…and a seeming meek clash with my own unabashed assertiveness.

      2. lchavezdoyle Post author

        I apologize for the delayed reply. Life has been crazy since a puppy joined our family! My first book is the most humorous of the three I’ve written, and I had a lot of fun writing it. I hope you enjoy it..

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