Beta Readers

I’ve just completed another draft of my fourth novel, The Will of Sonia Sanz, . This draft was extra special because it incorporated revisions suggested in the feedback provided by five beta readers. I always look forward to this feedback, but at the same time, it can be disappointing to hear negative comments. This time was no different. While three readers enjoyed the book, two readers told me the story needed more excitement. I was puzzled. After all, this is a story that includes two unexpected and sudden deaths, a gold digging scoundrel, a wild spendthrift, a gas lighter, and a mysterious intruder. What more could I do to build suspense? After further discussion with these readers, I realized the problem wasn’t what was not in the novel; it was what was in it. I had overloaded the story with too many repetitive passages and unnecessary dialogue that negatively affected the flow of the plot. I began to rewrite and revise, eventually deleting twenty pages. The book now reads faster with a stronger emphasis on plot and action.

As a writer, I’m fortunate to have family and friends who are not afraid to tell me the truth when it comes to my writing. They are truthful but at the same time kind. It’s not only what is said but how it’s said. “The book needs more punch to it,” is easier to hear than “It’s just too boring. Make it more exciting,” for example.

Good beta readers are essential to a successful writing process.


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