Book Club Choices

At least once a year, I like to briefly comment on the books I’ve recently read that I believe would make for great book club discussions. Below is my short list, which includes a couple of books that led to lively discussions in my book club.

  1. The Darkest Child, by Delores Phillips. Racism, colorism in the African American culture, child abuse, and sexual abuse, are just a few of the heavy themes in this novel about Tangy Mae, a young Black girl in the South. It’s a harsh look at racial class issues and the subjugation of an entire race. A lot of hot issues here to prompt discussion.
  2. Factfulness, by Hans Rosling , teaches how to evaluate dire situations with a more practical and optimistic view by disregarding preconceived notions and paying attention to the facts. Our book club discussion segued into a lively exchange inspired by this book and by the BLM protests happening at the time.
  3. The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez. Infertility is the issue here, and the author handles it with a sympathetic tone. It could be a difficult read for anyone who has dealt with infertility, but it’s an eye-opening look at the issue through a fictional tale.
  4. The Shanghai Free Taxi by Frank Langfitt is an interesting look at the Chinese government and how the Chinese view American politics. This could lead to a political discussion, so choose this only if you know your book club members well and trust that the discussion won’t get heated.

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