Beat the Deadline

I recently have suffered some relatively minor health issues that interfered with my self-imposed deadlines for writing my fifth novel. I have to set deadlines or I might never finish the project, or I might take way too long to finish it. Not that it really matters. I don’t answer to anyone but myself. I do, though, hold myself accountable. I expect to meet my deadlines and goals. I set a goal for number of pages completed per week, and an expected number of pages for the first draft. Because of my health setbacks, I lost a month of writing, and I’m just now getting back into the rhythm.

I’m certainly not a well-known author or even somewhat well-known. I haven’t had great success in selling my self-published books, and that is mostly my own fault. I’m not good at marketing my books. It takes time to market, and I’d much rather write than market my written work. Nevertheless, I try to stick to the deadlines I set for myself.

Writing is an outlet for my creative ideas. Developing an imaginary world is exciting and fulfilling. But t’s not always easy to find the time to write, and I don’t always “feel” like writing. In other words, I don’t always feel the “creative juices” flowing. Setting deadlines keeps me in line. I assure myself that I will write.

Okay, I’m ending this blog entry. I need to write a page for my current novel before dinner time.


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